K9 Unlimited offers a variety of private canine detection services for businesses, hotels, schools and private residents. We have dog and handler teams that are trained in narcotics, and bed bugs detection for hire.
Certified explosives and narcotic cell phone detection handler and dog teams are also available for subcontract.
As a private agency we are not affiliated with law enforcement and are not required to notify the the authorities of any findings.
Our Commercial detection dogs searches include but are not limited to:
  • Cars in your parking lot
  • Vehicles
  • Lockers and Locker rooms
  • Offices
  • Lunch Rooms
  • Warehouses
  • Halls
  • A dog’s sense of smell is 50 times greater than a human’s sense of smell
  • The presence of a narcotics detection dog can deter possession and use of illegal substances among employees and students
  • Random searches are a deterrent and may reduce insurance liability costs
  • Detection dogs offer quicker and more accurate results. They are 95% more effective than the human eye.
  • Explosive detection dogs maintain high security levels for areas containing sensitive assets and personnel
  • Ultimately, peace of mind!
Our Residential detection dogs searches include but are not limited to:
  • Homes
  • Vehicles
  • Garages
  • Rooms
  • Furniture
If you have a Detection dog and need training or maintaince training, We can help!! At K9 Unlimited we have trained detection dogs for Law Enforcement, Environmental Companies (extermination), and security agencies in the US and overseas. We can set up a custom training program, and duplicate the challenges you will aquire when working your detection dog. Call us for more details!!!!
Disclaimer: K9 Unlimited services are offered with complete discretion and confidentiality. We are not a security company and do not need to be to supplied with K9 detection dogs. If the possible presence of any contraband is indicated by our dogs, our handlers do not perform any search, but rather your company personnel will perform the search and determine what action, if any, is to be to taken with the result of the search. For our bedbug detection services, we only inspect for live bedbug activity. K9 Unlimited in no way will treat or solicit treatment for any pests.